A discussion on the youtube channel the finebros

After Josh had to be muted to avoid spoilering Attack on Titan"Teens React to Mockingjay pt 1 " turns it into an Overly Long Gag due to the number of teens aware of that franchise by now. Occurs in some of the People vs.

It consists of people ages 20 to 55, including former stars of Teens React that have aged out of the series.

On December 2nd, the first "YouTubers React" video was uploaded, in which various notable YouTube vlogger are filmed watching YouTube videos shown below, right.

But taking the list anywhere past 50 will mean constant updating the page and will probably invite vandalism even more. Franchising one of YouTube's biggest shows? Be kind to users in our community; remember the human.

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Renaming it 'usernames' would fix the problem, but that seems cumbersome. Yes, even from the males. Games a Let's Play style series with cast members from their primary React seriesAdvice a series featuring cast members respond to questions from viewersReact Remix musical remixes of past React footagePeople Vs.

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You expect one of the elders Vera to miss that every video is available online, but one of the teens Jeannie? I am sure Elen did not create the YT account for her show. They "came up with it", and they "did it first", but Also, please contact us regarding spam, political or any other inappropriate videos, as this helps us remove them more quickly!

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In particular those of Rubius and Veggetta. I understood that just by watching the original video Please link this column rows to the articles about the channels not the person behind it. Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: It wasn't quite like that back then. Also, there'd be no "Voice" or "American Idol" or any of that shit, because we'd be stuck with the original show, Popstars, in New Zealand.

The "Reaction Tennis Tab" this is where you get challenged to react to someones reaction however and this was inspired from YTP Tennis the tennis matches end when ether the original video can't be viewed by the end or the reactor says "End Of Tennis Match" in the video.

A lot of fans in the comments section frequently brings up that Mikaela looks like Victoria Justice. Royel and Emma R.


Guess That Pizza Challenge", despite being told that they'll be trying different delivery franchise pizzas, Jayka guesses Chuck E. Basically like all the talent shows that popped up "recently" If the video has a watermark, it also may be licensed by a third party. Cheese which doesn't deliver for one slice, Alberto says DiGiorno, then later he and Kaelyn both say Costco, both of which are nationally grocery store bought brands.

Do not message moderators individually about posts not appearing in the new queue or ban appeals. The "Suggestions For Everyone Tab" this is the spot where if you don't know who's to request something too one of the reactors, or wish to drop something and google plus mention a few of the reactors to react to it, this is where we would leave things for selective reactions.

Invoked in " Kids React to Old Computers " - pretty much all the kids found the monitor switch and expected that to start the old rig up. See Reddiquette for more details. Is there a reason why the list stops at 20? Newcomer Laura can seem a bit Sadly Emma's been growing out of it, but Maksim who's ten now!

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This is purely a voluntary program for people wanting direct support from us, and we continue to be so excited to work with all of you who may want to participate. Does the protection notice really need to be at the top of this article's main body?

This is purely a voluntary program for people wanting direct support from us, and we continue to be so excited to work with all of you who may want to participate. Facebook links are not permitted. Of both tables, a third of the items are incorrectly sourced.YOUTUBE TV reacted to by YouTubers!

Original video linked below. Please share this video and subscribe to all the YouTube stars!

YouTube’s Fine Brothers Entertainment Will Let Fans Create Their Own ‘React’ Videos

(Links Below) SUBSCRIBE THEN HIT THE 🔔! If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page It is really useless. Like, really. What happened to FineBros and Spotligt deserve an article and a subsection respectively, not arrows.

They have the fastest growing subscriber count of any YouTube channel in the top Clbsfn Just to clarify - the reason the arrows for YouTube Spotlight and TheFineBros are green now is because the numbers they are at were reached through growth.

If any channel loses enough subscribers for their million-number to go down, then we change their green up arrow to a red down arrow. Feb 01,  · Finebros on youtube commiting channel suicide. First link is a stream on Youtube that shows their sub count dropping in real time Second video is their announcement (The dislike to like ratio).

There is also a React YouTube channel as the current home for Kids, Teens, and Elders React's bonus videos, "Teens React To Jonah Hill Controversy" is a very serious discussion about this trope, mostly regarding slang terms for LGBT. During his reaction to his (Kids).

Although the channel suffered for quite a while, things seem to have gone back to normal, since they ultimately issued an apology and have cancelled plans for "React World".

All main React episodes can be found on Fine Brothers Entertainment's YouTube channel here.

A discussion on the youtube channel the finebros
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